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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

more from my sketch book

just two little sketches that i used in the grimm cover. One's the frog prince and the other is the poison apple from snow white.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

a medieval bestiary

I posted my sketch of the Wolpertinger earlier and have now done a few more. I'm going on to make them in to linocuts, a technique similar to the woodcutting these original bestiaries would have used. First time with a new techniques, so it's pretty exciting learning new things!



Whilst researching these animals, I found out that a lot of them are actually used in some online games? My versions are a lot more sad sap than the ones in the games though! especially my leucrota... The original animals from the medieval bestiaries can be found here.

New Screenprints

So here's some better images of the screen prints currently being exhibited at the Silent Auction at the Abbey Tavern.

I changed my image from the penguin book design cover because I thought it'd make a good print and am considering making a series of these kind of images based on various stories