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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Critters

Here's my three new Christmas illustrations for Fawn and Thistle's Christmas cards.

These designs and three more can be found at Fawn and Thistle HERE

And you can also get some lovely little mirrors  and label stickers too:

Monday, 4 November 2013

Cat Tee Mission x Fawn and Thistle

This month Fawn and Thistle have donated our 'Cat Bee' Illustration to Cat Tee Mission in the name of kitty charity.  It will only be available for one month and all profit is donated to charity.

//What is Cat Tee Mission?//

"Our aim is to assist in the rescue of unwanted domestic cats around the world, and the preservation of big cats in Africa, through the sale of our tees and other merchandise. 100% of the profit from all sales is donated to charities around the world who work in these areas. We support no kill groups and conservation organisations, and you can too with your purchase. "

I've always had cats, so it's nice to be involved with Cat Tee Mission and if you want to get yourself some good karma whilst getting a cute tee, you can buy the Cat Bee tshirts and tote here: clicky click.