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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Aunty Nora's Vintage and Handmade Market

So today was myself and Sangita's first day as stall holders at a market, and whilst it wasn't the busiest or biggest market ever, we think that the day was a good learning experience (mainly in knowing how to set up our stall;panic set in when we realised how small our table was!) and we managed to sell a reasonable amount for such a quiet day.

Next task for this week is setting up a big cartel shop for Fawn and Thistle and I'm going to be setting up one for my personal stuff too, to allow myself to indulge in my more macabre love of gothic illustration.

The top photograph shows off two of my newest illustrations for Grace magazine, which I will be posting about later. I hope everyone's enjoying their sunny bank holidays.


  1. Your stall looks great... love your illustrations, you have a very neat style. Best, Lisa