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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nouveau-style Custom Bloglovin' Button

As a means of procrastination, I've created a little art nouveau inspired bloglovin' button freebie for people to use. Google reader is closing down soon, so what better time to move all the blogs you read over to bloglovin and nab yourself a pretty button for your blog?

Installing it is easy.

1. Right-click save as on the above image and save it to your desktop.
2. Join up to Bloglovin' if you haven't already and follow their directions on how to get a little widget for your blog here.

3. To put your own image in, upload it to flickr or an unpublished post on your blog and right click and copy it's location.

4. Replace bloglovin's basic image url with your new image's location. For example, this:
" alt="Follow on Bloglovin" border="0" />

becomes this:
" alt="Follow on Bloglovin" border="0" />
Ta daa!

It's pretty straight forward. If you do decide to use this button, be sure to leave me a little comment so I can see it 'in action' on your blog!

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