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Monday, 29 July 2013

A Company of Wolves

I've been rather lax on the blog recently. I'm extremely busy and am coming to the end of my MA...eeek! I think I'll probably have some kind of melt down over the next month.

Any way. here's some preliminary drawings for an upcoming screen print


  1. Hi Kirsten
    I love these wolves they look quite menacing .... I like the company of wolves too - the dark tales are always the best in my opinion. I hope you are enjoying the last lap of your MA and am looking forward to seeing lots more of your work in the near future!

  2. Thank you Lisa! And I definitely agree about dark tales being the best! As much as I love Disney from growing up, it's sad how much they sanitised all the good fairytales. Hope your MA is going well too, I cannot wait to be finished!

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  4. It's ok, continue waffling, it's one of my favourite subjects. I actually wrote my MA dissertation on Snow White (I got to watch Chris Hemsworth for "research"), I would have liked to have written on different stories, but there's so much to write about that it was impossible! I read a lot of marina Warner, the Zipes books are super expensive and hard to get ahold of.

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